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Textalert International - SMS

Textalert International

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Send SMS Reminders internationally, with no cost to you!

Textalert allows you to schedule SMS/Text Reminders to yourself, or any of your contacts instantly. You can remind yourself or others of meetings, birthdays, a television show, anniversary, errands, bills, and so much more!

EX. Your wife wants you to get milk on the way home from work. She sends you a SMS at 10:00am, you don’t get off til 5pm. You will never remember! But your wife can send you a Textalert at 10:00am for you to receive at 5:10pm so you receive it while your on your way home! There are endless possibilities to the amount of Textalert’s that can be sent.

Need to send repeat Textalert’s? Not to worry. With this purchase you can send your Textalert’s at anytime, and schedule them to send Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly!

A WiFi / 3G, Edge Connection is required to send!

To receive a Textalert, you do NOT need to have the app, or Wifi, 4g, or 3g / Edge is NOT required. You do however need a device thats capable of recieving regualar SMS messages.

With the Purchase of Textalert International you get:

– Review, Edit, and Delete your Textalert’s
– No Ads
– Send Unlimited Textalert’s Per Day
– Schedule Repeat Events
– Send to ANYONE WORLDWIDE! International Messaging. NO COST TO YOU!
– Send Textalert’s to 10 contacts at a time.

Download apk file for android: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/communication


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