SSLPost Email Encryption – Encryption as a Service, SSLPost makes encryption easy.

SSLPost Email Encryption

Encryption as a Service, SSLPost makes encryption easy.

SSLPost Email Encryption screenshot 0SSLPost Email Encryption screenshot 1

Check out our app for sending secure, encrypted emails. SSLPost Secure Email service is ideal for conversations you prefer to keep private and confidential. This app has been designed specifically for you to send encrypted email from your android device, when on the move.
Whether you want to send confidential information to your colleagues, friends, customers or suppliers, our SSLPost Secure Email app enables you to keep the content of your emails completely private.
What’s in it for you?
Track and trace all email
One step encryption
Revoke access to emails sent in error
Easy to use
Save time, money and resource
Quick and accurate delivery
No workflow interruption
Meets regulatory requirements
Supports environmental policies
ISO27001 accredited company
What’s in it for your recipient?
User-friendly with easy one-off set up
Reduces risk of data leakage
No set up cost
No software download needed
Protect you, your business and your friends from security breaches and third party identity theft by using SSLPost solutions.
This app is free of charge to download and is used by many of our happy customers as a convenient way to send secure emails when on the move. Sign up for an SSLPost Cloud account, available for just £2 per month (ex VAT) and start sending secure emails today. Visit sslpost_com or call us on 08456 425 425 to find out more.
For mobile support we recommend the use of Astro File Manager and Dolphin HD browser. Note; android apps are not always compatible with every device on the market. In these circumstances, we recommend you use the SSLPost Secure Email web app.

See more information and download apk file for your android phone:


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