Point SMS – You want to include your location in an SMS? Or a location query? Point SMS!

Point SMS

You want to include your location in an SMS? Or a location query? Point SMS!

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Point SMS enhances the capabilities of the SMS exchange considerably. It enables you to include in your SMS not just text but also your location (or a random point on the map), a location query, or both so messages and calls designed to find out the other person’s location (“Where are you?”) become pointless. You’re just messaging each other as usual but, if needed, you can insert into the message a location, a location query, or both with one touch.

You can choose the contacts to whom you send your location automatically upon receiving a query.

The app is fully functional right after installation but it has a flexible settings system as well – you can change the appearance, the notification parameters, the location search, etc. This means that you can use Point SMS in place of a standard app for messaging (you can turn off the standard messenger notifications from the System settings – Apps – select “standard messenger”.)

On the built-in map, you can see all of the selected contact’s locations or the most recent locations of all your contacts.

In order for your friend to be able to send you his locations (manually or automatically) and queries, he needs to install this app as well. This is not necessary for sending and receiving simple messages.

All of your dialogs and location exchanges are completely private, everything is done within the framework of the SMS exchange, and no third-party online services are used, therefore, you do not need to register anywhere.

What makes us different from the other geolocation apps and services:
– your location will be known only to your friend whom you messaged, no outside tracking.
– the locations can be sent automatically upon receiving a query;
– you can write SMS as usual and, if needed, insert a location, a query, or both with one touch;
– all dialogs are saved in the app as well as in the stock messenger storage.

– the main screen is divided in two parts (a contact list and a dialog); you can switch between them by swiping;
– the contact list displays the person’s name; indicators showing whether there is a new location and/or a query, and also whether the instant sending of the location upon receiving a query has been enabled, and optionally: the contact’s number and number type, icon, as well as buttons for sending a location, a query, and a location with a query;
– sending a location, a query, and a location with a query by attaching them to a message within a dialog (a long tap on the Add button will open a map where you can choose any point) or from the contact list (in that case, customizable warnings may be issued);
– each element in the dialog reflects the message text, date, indicators of the existence of location and query, delivery status (for outgoing messages);
– when composing the text, the display shows the number of remaining characters in one part of the SMS as well as the number of parts (if the entered characters correspond to a specific standard);
– a separate screen with a history of the incoming and outgoing locations and an option to filter them by name;
– a separate screen with a map and the option to choose the location display mode;
– a long tap on the button will bring out a hint;
– available languages: English (by default), Russian.

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See detail information and download apk file: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/communication


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