Advanced-SMS Manager Free – SMS Manager is a free app that manages SMS’s in a cool fashion.

Advanced-SMS Manager Free

SMS Manager is a free app that manages SMS’s in a cool fashion.

Advanced-SMS Manager Free screenshot 0Advanced-SMS Manager Free screenshot 1Advanced-SMS Manager Free screenshot 2Advanced-SMS Manager Free screenshot 3Advanced-SMS Manager Free screenshot 4Advanced-SMS Manager Free screenshot 5

Advanced SMS Manager is a simple yet very functional app to automatically manage SMS and organize them in a cool fashion.

Managing your friends, family or customers has never been so easy.Form your own group and select only people you care.

The application allows the user to transform the management of sms’s into a more pleasant experience.

Main features
☆ Super cool UI for easy navigation across screens.
☆ User friendly application
☆ Display SMS with phonebook picture
☆ Text to Voice for unread messages.
☆ Display the count of SMS’s Read/Unread.
☆ Create and manage your user group.
☆ Groups Contact’s and SMS’s for easy access
☆ Unlimited recipients picking available
☆ Easy Contacts picking
☆ Manage group message – send/delete.
☆ Create groups to manage your campaigns
✔ Choose contacts directly from your phonebook.
☆ Defaults groups -Tickets/Reservations/Offers/Coupons/Bank/Password/Social/Jobs/Others
with automatic sorting system.
☆ Write new SMS option.
☆ Automatic notifications.
☆ Call contact from SMS.
☆ Light Weight
☆ Quality Support
☆ Absolutely FREE

☆ We are committed to improve Advanced SMS Mgr continually according to users’ feedback.
☆ Just rate us high and spread Advanced SMS Mgr to support us, Thanks.
☆ It would be our honor to get your help for translation for other language support.

Have feature request?
Please send us an email at and we will try to add your suggestions and
improve the app.

Found any problems with the app?
Hold-on, don’t rate the app one star. Please drop a note at and we will
get back to you with the fix ASAP!

See more information and download apk file for your android phone:


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