Speed Internet Browser – Download this fast browser for bad internet connections and privacy!!!

Speed Internet Browser

Download this fast browser for bad internet connections and privacy!!!

Speed Internet Browser screenshot 0Speed Internet Browser screenshot 1Speed Internet Browser screenshot 2Speed Internet Browser screenshot 3Speed Internet Browser screenshot 4Speed Internet Browser screenshot 5Speed Internet Browser screenshot 6Speed Internet Browser screenshot 7Speed Internet Browser screenshot 8Speed Internet Browser screenshot 9Speed Internet Browser screenshot 10Speed Internet Browser screenshot 11Speed Internet Browser screenshot 12Speed Internet Browser screenshot 13Speed Internet Browser screenshot 14Speed Internet Browser screenshot 15Speed Internet Browser screenshot 16Speed Internet Browser screenshot 17

The ‘Speed ​​Internet Browser’ brings super- fast Internet with 2G/3G/4G or slow wifi to Android smartphones and tablets!
It works smoothly and is quick and easy to use and adapt, and it works very quickly on outdated smartphones, we collect no information from you so the browser is ensures that you have complete privacy.
You can also add your social netwerk to the browser so that you are always kept informed of the latest posts.

Save a lot of data cost through our advanced compression technology, so this also means to break the Internet much smoother and faster, this also ensures that the browser works quickly on outdated smartphones!

Type a site adress in the search bar,
or enter a search suggestion in the search bar, to visit a website!
You can also add an important page on your android desktop.

If the browser start up you will see an easy homepage with all different bookmarks,
you can fully customize and add or remove.

You can connect the browser with your social network,
to click on the icon next to the search bar.

You can also choose from many options such as “desktop page view” and add additional bookmarks or add another ‘start page’!

This browser is designed specifically for privacy so keep this in that we do not collect any information about you and your browsing history is deleted automatically.

You can set up to use this browser as the default browser!

This app is for many languages​​:
en af ar be bg ca cs da de el es et fa fi fr iw hi hr hu id is it iw ja ko lt lv ms nl no pl pt ro ru sk sl sr sv sw th fil tr uk vi zh.

Hopefully you download this good browser app, or one of our many other apps!

This app is created by: DevelopColors

Detail information and download apk file: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/communication


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