Teams Deluxe – Know where your family, friends, associates are. Pays for itself the first use!

Teams Deluxe

Know where your family, friends, associates are. Pays for itself the first use!

Teams Deluxe screenshot 0Teams Deluxe screenshot 1Teams Deluxe screenshot 2Teams Deluxe screenshot 3Teams Deluxe screenshot 4Teams Deluxe screenshot 5Teams Deluxe screenshot 6Teams Deluxe screenshot 7

About Teams: This application enables the users to send their location to each other, and or anyone else that has the app installed and is participating in a search, training, business, trucking, monitoring, fun or entertainment. Perfect for hiking, families, small business, transportation, outings, safety, etc.. You can place map pins of yourself on your map when hiking, or place a pin where you parked so you can find your car easily. Just send the location text message to yourself. Easy. This software quickly references your location, allows you to send it to one, or many, who upon receiving your data message, can view your location on a map window of the App. Others using the same software have the ability to respond back to show you where they are. Those without the Teams app, can receive your location via email.

Using GPS for location discovery, and SMS (text Messaging) to send data to each other, you do not require a data connection to function, although for best performance a data connection is recommended. In order to use email you do need some sort of data connection. That connection can be WIFI or mobile data. In the field, the user needs to have some cell service. This software will not send your location or receive locations unless you have some sort of cell service and GPS signal, although even minimal will work.
For best performance a Wifi connection or mobile data connection are desired.

1. Six different templates

2. Zoom options

3. Map pin action options

4. Naming option

5. Map pin color options

6. Automatic Send

7. Multiple Send

8. Built in email

9. Built in phone access

10. Send Photo with GPS coordinates

Who can use Teams Deluxe. Anyone who wants to send their current location to a friend, family, or business. Any one who would like to receive the location of another Teams member, whether it is for Work or play. Teams Deluxe lets you automate and deliver your location to anyone else in real time. You can also send your location to non Teams Deluxe users via email. To their phone, tablet, or computer. Want to track where you were, set yourself up to receive the updates. Mark where you parked your car. Take photos and send them out along with the location that will show where the photo was taken. Get directions, or street view, or call the person that has sent you their location, easy as tapping a map flag. Put Teams Deluxe on all your Android business phones, to keep in visual contact of your teams location.

See more information and download apk file:


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