Space Freecall SIP on Mobile – South Africa Freecall from SpaceTV,our unique service allow your calls unlimited

Space Freecall SIP on Mobile

South Africa Freecall from SpaceTV,our unique service allow your calls unlimited

Space Freecall SIP on Mobile screenshot 0Space Freecall SIP on Mobile screenshot 1Space Freecall SIP on Mobile screenshot 2Space Freecall SIP on Mobile screenshot 3Space Freecall SIP on Mobile screenshot 4Space Freecall SIP on Mobile screenshot 5Space Freecall SIP on Mobile screenshot 6Space Freecall SIP on Mobile screenshot 7

Space Freecall is a product of Space Television (Pty) Ltd, the leading global communications company in South Africa providing unbeatable low-cost VoIP technology communications services by using your Wifi /3G/4G connection whether it is a smart phone, land line,or tablet. Freecall users do not need a computer to function.You just need to choose either our App download or any of our plug and call hardware devices which are fast reachable,unbelievable cheap and easy to connect with friends, family, loved ones, companies, corporates or organizations at customized minimum subscription rates to enjoy free domestic/international unlimited calls.

We do not only offer flexible and tailor-made calling plans for our end users but provide affordable quality communications solutions to meet customer demands.No matter where you are(Region),where you go(roaming),or the calling plan you choose,or the model product,you will always enjoy the same free unlimited calls 24/7 domestic/international in over 45+ countries within our world wide network coverage.No hidden costs,no roaming charges and even No phone bill. Before you sign up for Freecall plan, we will offer you a free trial download App account right away from our Google Apps store.You will discover how amazing this unique App works.Good luck!

1) Benefit to Join Freecall Service
Within the unique Space Freecall service, you will have absolutely unlimited minutes for as low as less than any of readable price list from all telecom providers. Just one time pay for an unbelievable subscription fee to reach any cellphone and landline in South Africa and wherever you want within our standard service range.

2) Country Coverage
To see where you will able to call, refer the link
If you can not find your desired destination is not within the list, let us know by an email with your request. We offer another solution to you… the Freecall-Combo plan.

3) Calling Plans
Subscription is available for all products for 1 month,3 months,6 months or 1 year.Special offers are also available on request for special needs,tourists or conferencing.

4) Payment
We currently accept payment via Western Union,Express Union, PayPal, Bank.

5) How to get Service
All you need is just to call our salesman or reseller to get an account
with a plan service in order to configure your Space Freecall account on your
mobile. This app. will be working only after subscription to either of our
plans. For the lowest offering, user can consider to subscribe with a year plan to enjoy unlimited minutes without any hidden cost and monthly bill in a full year. Please feel free to contact us with the required information for an account before downloading.
Subscription Contact: Mr. Clint Voigt
Subscription Web:

6) How to Diagnose Your Network Quality to Enjoy Space Freecall?
In order to diagnose your network to fulfill the minimal requirement from
our technical support team, you need to test your internet speed on cellphone by a free tool “” which it is downloaded from the Google
play. Be sure the up/download speed must be higher than 0.3 Mbps stably
before you would subscribe for service.

7) What you can do if your current 3G data plan is worst after diagnostic or
If you wish to call with a Desktop or Home phone?
In case you notice that your current 3G is too slow after proved by a few times testing, Space Freecall support team suggest you to select any of the devices referred to the last screenshot shown on this App store. A hardware device will always works more reliably and perform better sound quality than your smartphone due to it is working with a steady connection to your high speed broadband router.

7) Support
Get technical support, email:
For details, visit the Freecall service web:

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