SEC-Mobile – SEC-Mobile is an SSH VPN client for the team2work SEC-Stick Server


SEC-Mobile is an SSH VPN client for the team2work SEC-Stick Server

SEC-Mobile screenshot 0SEC-Mobile screenshot 1SEC-Mobile screenshot 2SEC-Mobile screenshot 3SEC-Mobile screenshot 4SEC-Mobile screenshot 5

The app “SEC-Mobile” requires a SEC-Stick Server as a remote station and an app to display content such as RDP (Microsoft Remote Desktop), browser or email client.

In the SEC-Stick Server You can not use this app!

SEC-Mobile is a SSH VPN Client and enables secure, mobile access from your Android device to remote services.
Your office is far away – you work on. At home, on the beach or wherever it is convenient.

The team2work SEC-Stick Server provides a secure, performant, flexible and cost effective alternative to traditional SSL and IPSec VPN available. It provides access to virtual desktops and other server services safely and centrally available.
The SEC-Stick Server is installed on a Windows PC or server. It allows the users to control access not only to the SEC-Stick server PC, but also on other previously defined target systems in your enterprise.

The demo configuration contained in this app connects you to a demo system. The demo system automatically disconnects after 5 minutes.
With a configuration of an SEC-Stick server you work on your PC on your network.

For more information, please visit team2work_de

Download apk file:


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