IP3051 (IP305x) – IP3051 for IG7200 / IU-2216SG.

IP3051 (IP305x)

IP3051 for IG7200 / IU-2216SG.

IP3051 (IP305x) screenshot 0IP3051 (IP305x) screenshot 1IP3051 (IP305x) screenshot 2

IP3051 for Smart Phone Gateway IG7200.

IP3051 v0.3.4.6 update details:
1. Improve stability for Android OS v4.2.2.

IP3051 v0.3.4.5 update details:
1. Supports IG7201 model name.
2. Supports gateway software maintenance feature.
3. Sort “call logs” by accounts.
4. Improve stability.

IP3051 v0.3.3.10 update details:
1. Echo issue improvement.

IP3051 v0.3.3.9 update details:
1. Chinese input improvement.
2. Keypad number editing improvement.

IP3051 v0.3.3.8 update details:
1. New “Settings” Menu updated.
2. “Wi-Fi Only” supported.
3. Android phone compatibility enhancement.
4. Communication screen adjustment.

IP3051 v0.3.2.16 update details:
1. Multiple profiles supported.
2. Log feature supported.
3. DND (Do Not Disturb) for internal / external call supported.
4. Sliding control for IP cam supported.
5. Improve the compatibility for Pad computer.
6. Improve the power consumption issue.
7. Improve voice quality for HTC New One and HTC Butterfly.

Smartphone Specifications Requirement:

CPU : 1GHz up
RAM : 768MB up
ROM : 4GB up
Display :
– Size : 3.7″ up
– Resolution : 800×480 up
Android 2.3 up

See detail information: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/communication


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