PGP Secure Mail – Encrypt your email with PGP!

PGP Secure Mail

Encrypt your email with PGP!

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Tired of reading articles about government snooping on the email of private citizens? Want to do something to secure your email communication with friends, family, and coworkers? Tried other encrypted email solutions only to be disappointed with their complexity? If these questions apply to you, this app will solve your problems! Secure Mail allows you to store keys on your local android device, or to store them securely on a remote server. You can even sync your keys between devices!

Security is my #1 concern. Your data is secured using AES256 encryption and a password of your choosing. Even if the government were to retrieve the entire database, they would still be unable to retrieve your keys!

Secure Mail was designed to meet three specific goals. First, this application should provide a pleasing user experience – unlike many other PGP clients I’ve seen. Two, this application should function outside of your existing email software. That way, you’re free to use your preferred mail client for the majority of your communications that aren’t encrypted. When you receive an encrypted email, Secure Mail will allow you to view it and to create encrypted messages – without requiring a proprietary email client. Third, Secure Mail was designed to create a way for email keys to be securely stored on a remote server. Thus, your keys are never on your local device. This optional feature is available only to Secure Mail Pro users – and can be unlocked by upgrading under the settings menu.

Secure communications don’t need to be the stuff of a sci-fi movie – it’s here today!

Your feedback is appreciated. I will strive to quickly resolve any issues that arise and to implement enhancements that will improve the quality of this application.

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