SMS Hider – Hide SMS, even promotional ones. Protect with Audio Manager disguise.

SMS Hider

Hide SMS, even promotional ones. Protect with Audio Manager disguise.

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Do you get annoyed from the unwanted promotional SMS from companies? Do you get SMS from your girlfriend/boyfriend or any other specific number but you are afraid that someone else will read them? Or maybe there is someone who is annoying you by sending SMS again and again?
If you are facing any such problems then SMS Hider is your one stop solution. SMS Hider is an app which hides SMS from numbers selected by you and stores them separately. It also works for those numbers which are used to send promotional messages. The best thing is that when you select any number to hide SMS then you don’t even receive the notification when the SMS is received by your device. It means complete peace of mind for you and whenever you feel like reading them, you simply need to open the app.
And to prevent the SMS Hider app from intruders, it comes with a fully working Audio Manager as the disguise screen.You can use the Audio Manager to manage audio levels of your Android device. In case, if any one gets successful in bypassing the screen (keep Pressing the audio manager text for few secs) then he/she will still need to enter PIN before he/she can see the hidden messages.
Main Features of SMS Hider:
• Choose any phone number including promotional messages number to hide. You won’t even get notification when you will receive SMS from any of the selected numbers.
• Access all hidden texts from the SMS Hider app via an easy to use interface.
• Add number by typing it either manually or import from your device’s phonebook.
• PIN protect app with PIN of your choice along with fully working Audio Manager as the disguise screen. No restrictions over choice of length for adding PIN although we aren’t responsible if you choose an easy to crack PIN 😉
• Filter hidden SMS by date or sender’s name.
• Reply to SMS, forward SMS, Share it with others and copy to clipboard.
• Muti-select option to delete hidden SMS and Sort SMS by time.
The app is still in BETA phase so you might face a few small problems. If you face any, then get in touch with us before posting a bad review. We are committed towards making this app better and more useful but it’s not possible without your help and support.
If you have any more features in mind which you would like to see in the app then share them with us via app review or using the Contact Us option. We will have a look at them and if we find it useful, then you will see them in future updates.
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Thanks in advance for using the app.

Detail information and download apk file:


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