SMS2PH Free – Send free text message to Philippines, anytime anywhere in the world.


Send free text message to Philippines, anytime anywhere in the world.

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SMS2PH is a free android application and our goal is to send a free text messages to your family and love ones in the Philippines without wasting your money. All you need is internet access to visit our website and send a message. If you’re in the Philippines and if you’re out of load, all you have to do is find any free wifi hot spots (if you have a mobile phones capable) and you’re good to go.

How to use SMS2PH application
1.Our application requires minimum of 2G internet connections.
2.”One Way Messaging” it means that you can use our application by sending text messages but you can’t receive.
3.Sending text message is easy, select “CREATE SMS” select the 4 digit prefix and enter the last 7 digit number.
example number: 09211234567 (Smart Network)
the prefix is “0921” and the last 7 digit is 1234567.
Write your message and press send. It will show you the confirmation if successfully sent. Your free text credits will be deducted (1) every successful transactions.
4.You will see the successful transactions in “OUTBOX”, you may delete it any time you want.
5.You may use our built in “PHONEBOOK” to store your contacts. You can access your contacts easily and accurately. Deleting contacts in SMS2PH phonebook will not delete your phones contact lists.
6.New user will be given a free of 50 text messaging credits, please note that you cannot reset the default free text by reinstalling the application.
7.Every user is given a free of 5 text messaging credits everyday, to claim your reward you must open the application and follow the reward message on screen.
8.How to earn free text? ◦Earn by opening the “EARN CREDITS” button, select your favorite offers and earn.
◦Earn by watching video clips, you must select the “VIDEO CREDTIS” button.
◦Earn by installing partners apps. (This offer will be available on next or future release of this application)

9.If your free text is zero, it’s impossible to send text. Earn by following the instructions above.
10.Please note that Threatening or Illegal SMS is a Crime and can be prosecuted in the court of law. This is to inform our users that their IPs are being monitored and all abusive, threatening and illegal messages will be reported to authority directly.

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See detail information and download apk file for android:


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