OneSimCard Direct – International Calling Simplified

OneSimCard Direct

International Calling Simplified

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OneSimCard Direct offers the auto-correct dialed phone number function. Statistically, over 50% of calls dialed when roaming are misdialed. The app takes care of most misdialed phone calls. It will remove or add to the dialed numbers the required zeros and prefixes or just prompt you to enter correct number. This provides savings and removes the aggravation when the call does not get connected or gets connected to the wrong number because it was misdialed.

For OneSimCard customers it creates a more convenient calling experience when using OneSimCard international cell phone service on your Android mobile device. OneSimCard Direct hides the callback process when making outgoing calls, and thus eliminates the need to answer the ring when the call goes through. OneSimCard Direct also allows you to dial directly using the address book of your Android phone, a super-convenient way to make direct dial calls while overseas.
The app allows Android users easy access to many OneSimCard functions, like checking or topping up the balance, activating discounts, turning on call forwarding, managing Voice Mail and contacting support.

OneSimCard Direct works with any Android phone, not just OneSimCard enabled phones.

With OneSimCard Direct, it’s now easier than ever for Android devices owners to use OneSimCard international cell phone service while traveling abroad!

For Android 5 and above callback hiding is not supported

Download apk file for android:


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