Toggles for SmartWatch – Take full control over your phone!

Toggles for SmartWatch

Take full control over your phone!

Toggles for SmartWatch screenshot 0Toggles for SmartWatch screenshot 1Toggles for SmartWatch screenshot 2Toggles for SmartWatch screenshot 3

Switch on/off settings on your mobile phone:
• Wi-Fi
• Wi-Fi Hotspot (Tethering)
• Bluetooth
• Mobile data
• Vibrate/Mute mode
• Brightness mode
• Power saving
• Find my phone
• Lock the screen
• Data synchronisation

• GPS state
• NFC state
• Battery level
• Wi-Fi Hotspots
• Wi-Fi signal strength (updated in real-time)
• Phone signal strength (updated in real-time)

Support SmartWatch 2 widgets!

Customizable! You can choose which icons at what place you want to see.

Swipe left/right to another screen.
Long touch to see the names of available wi-fi networks.

• Mobile Data toggle works on Android < 5.0 or rooted Android 5.0 and above.
• Phone signal strength don’t work on some devices.

Smart Connect bug: If you do not see this app in the list of programs inside Smart Connect, go to Settings->Apps and ‘Clear data’ of ‘Smart Connect’ and ‘SmartWatch 2’ apps.

Smart Connect extension for SmartWatch 2 tools

See detail information and download apk file:


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