Экстренный вызов – Appendix "Emergency Call" – will allow you to call emergency services

Экстренный вызов

Appendix "Emergency Call" – will allow you to call emergency services

Экстренный вызов screenshot 0Экстренный вызов screenshot 1Экстренный вызов screenshot 2

Appendix “Emergency Call” – will allow you to call the emergency services using a single click on the desired button. There is no need to recall various combinations of numbers, we did it for you.

It often happens that in emergency situations the person is lost and forgotten room service, especially children. But it is important to remember the correct number, because mobile devices, calls 01, 02, 03 do not work, and each operator to dial in their own ways to ambulance, fire or police.
Our app solves all these problems. A child can easily reach to the desired service and call for help.
The application is very fast loading and has a user-friendly design that saves valuable time in an emergency.

All calls are free and possible even at zero balance with all mobile operators of Russia!

How it works:
The application has a red icon that catches the eye.
The application offers a quick and does not hang.
All buttons embellished in various styles, as well as the icons are special services that allows you to quickly and accurately select the desired support.
When you press, you will automatically begin to ring, you do not need to press the “Call”, it saves time.

A bit of history:
My mother went to the store, leaving his seven-year daughter Masha one home. Masha watched cartoons, when the socket is short-circuited and the TV lights up.
The girl began to cry, but I remembered that my mother set her on phone app “Emergency Call” with a red icon. Mary took the phone, walked into the application and call the fire department. They came so fast that it had to put out all of my mother’s arrival. My mother did not suspect anything.

Studies (Call for an ambulance):
Call an ambulance through the application faster and easier than typing the desired number and press the call.

See more information: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/communication


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