TaraTalk – Do you like connecting with others and listening? Then TaraTalk is for you!


Do you like connecting with others and listening? Then TaraTalk is for you!

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TaraTalk, communication and media mobile app from Tara Aung Company team, let you listen together your favourite sound (music, interview, speeches, news, etc) with others.

The other participants of the chat room will know what you’re listening and at the click of a button, they can join in and listen the same piece.

You can invite them to listen together and when they accept, you both will listen together at the same time the piece you have searched.

Let’s connect any time & listen together with TaraTalk!

Features :

Search or browse predefined categories & genres in Tara Sounds

Search and listen now in chat rooms

Send invitation to listen together

Private/ Group chat

Voice chat

Video chat

Send photos

Facebook integration / log in with Facebook account

Import friends from contacts/Facebook

Message statuses, send, read, now typing

Tara store

Offline listening

Listen to music from phone storage

Playlists, last searched, recent, favourite, genre, special …

More cool features will be added through updates.
Please do let us know your ideas, suggestions and feedback to us and we will try our best to address.

Detail information and download apk file for your android phone: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/communication


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