Larik – Automatically transfers the message to the language of the receiving party.


Automatically transfers the message to the language of the receiving party.

Larik screenshot 0Larik screenshot 1Larik screenshot 2Larik screenshot 3

The application removes the barriers between people from different countries by translating automatically sends a message to the language of the receiving party. The new application does not need to make tiresome way: copy the typed text, translated, paste the text into the messenger is sent, performed a similar path to receive messages.

Messenger LARIK useful several categories of people. The first – users who have friends abroad. And friends can be a real and virtual – it often happens to meet a man on the Internet, it was never seen, but fun to chat only rewriting. The second category – people looking for internet dating. The application includes a search functionality defined categories – easy to find a person a particular country, the right age, sex. The third category – online shopping, as well as buyers from different countries. In order to clarify the prices, terms of delivery is more convenient to hold a dialogue, using the native language. The fourth category – workers of transnational corporations, communicating on professional issues among themselves.


* Log on phone number.
After starting the application, simply enter your mobile phone number and get a sms with the code for
login. It is not only safe, but also convenient – no need to remember the username and password.

* All contacts are always with you.
The app is synchronized with your phone’s contact list, automatically determining who
of the contacts there (the application) larik.

* Two-way translation of your messages.
Automatic translation sends a message to the language of the recipient. And automatic translation of messages
from the recipient with his tongue on yours. (List of supported languages ​​for translation: ukazat_tut_spisok)

* Find a buddy with the same interests.
As the search terms can specify interlocutor: gender, age, country, interests and language.

* Notifications will not be lost.
Push notifications will not miss the message, even if the application is not running.

* Status messages.
You will always know when the interviewee has read your message.

* The app is free and does not use advertising.

(*) The operator may charge for connection to the Internet.

See more information and download apk file:


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