Delitos Informáticos – Magazine about Internet crimes. Make your inquiry

Delitos Informáticos

Magazine about Internet crimes. Make your inquiry

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Computer crimes and crimes that are committed on the Internet have grown dramatically in recent years.

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In addition, a special section on What to do if …..? Threats, libel, fraudulent purchases, ….

The most widespread computer crimes are:

The con. It is the most widespread Internet cybercrime representing almost 85% of all such illegalities.

Crimes against privacy, especially of minors and cyberbullying.

Crimes of discovery and revelation of secrets, including here not allowed access to systems and databases as well as social networks for phishing. Although not the major crime itself is undergoing further growth.

Coercion and threats, slander and defamation.

Forgery, especially manipulating contracts and images.

Damage and computer sabotage.

Crime of identity theft.

Breach of contract, especially with regard to the development of applications and websites.

Intellectual property crimes, with particular emphasis on illegal downloads, piracy, plagiarism and dissemination of information.

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Special Aparado What to do if …..?

Receive Threats

Issues with shopping on the Internet

slurs or insults


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