O.G.LAB (오지랍) – Ohjirap is the Application which can be anonymously light Question / Answer to a network of partners.

O.G.LAB (오지랍)

Ohjirap is the Application which can be anonymously light Question / Answer to a network of partners.

O.G.LAB (오지랍) screenshot 0O.G.LAB (오지랍) screenshot 1O.G.LAB (오지랍) screenshot 2O.G.LAB (오지랍) screenshot 3O.G.LAB (오지랍) screenshot 4

Acquaintance acquaintances and acquaintances that are connected to the network – Partner Connections

It must be a partnership with each other and acquaintances in order to use our services

All. Rather than throw them meaningless information to the public network connections and acquaintances only

The new network can be connected in jeoldal the valid information to each other.

Ask your partner [a question]

Please free to question anything you are wondering. Your questions Partners

Is sent to the network, you will hear the answer of the partners.

Be the answer to the question of the partners [to answer]

Please send your thoughts on questions of disposal partner. Your Answer this question

You can release the gunggeumham partner.

I want to know the answers of others [Nadu yo]

The answer can only see one partner questions. But you answer someone else’s

If you’re wondering select “yo Nadu”. You can see also answer other partners.

Your answer most good [to adopt]

You can adopt to answer the favorite of the answers of the partners. Your reply

If you partner asking for help can be adopted.

My partner’s alkkeo [to pass]

The question of partner I might not be able to answer. Tenikkayo not know the man is everything.

But do not worry. You received, you can send your questions to our partners.

Does anyone know the answer yet that of your partner partner partner kkeopnida be clear.

Of course, if you had the answers it can be transmitted.

You can also send photos and location as [photo attached, the attachment position;

You can send pictures to send along with the questions and answers. Questions and answers your thoughts

You will be able to express a little more variety. Further information is required on your location Questions and Answers

If you can also send your location hamkkye.

The important thing Questions and Answers – private partner;

This anonymity is not a bad thing. We have based the network of trusted partner

Because rather more frank and network environment that can express unbiased opinion

You can configure.

Detail information and download apk file for android: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/communication


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