MEMS_Diag – Rover MEMS 1.3 / 1.6 /1.9 ECU diagnostics software


Rover MEMS 1.3 / 1.6 /1.9 ECU diagnostics software

MEMS_Diag screenshot 0MEMS_Diag screenshot 1MEMS_Diag screenshot 2MEMS_Diag screenshot 3MEMS_Diag screenshot 4MEMS_Diag screenshot 5

MEMS_Diag is an application designed to communicate with pre-OBD Rover engine management systems (ECU).
Modular Engine Management System (MEMS) was used on many cars in the 1990s built by the Rover group (models equipped with K-Series petrol engine)

Currently only MEMS 1.6 and 1.9 (1.3 added as a test) are supported, later versions are OBD2 compliant so they’re not in the scope of this project

Implemented features:

– Realtime engine parameters (rpm, map, ignition advance, coolant temp, inlet temp, oxygen sensor, fuel trim/correction and more…)

– Retrieve and erase error codes

– DataGrid view (numerical/table display)

– GraphView (selectable parameters, multiple series)

– Data logging, csv format (available in full version only)

– Adaptations (rpm idle, ignition offset, idle fueling trim)

– Virtual calculations (MAF g/s, Fuel Consumption)

– GPS logging

In order to use this software, the following components are required:

– Android device (smartphone), minimum OS version 3.1+ (USB host access)

– USB port

– the so-called “USB OTG” cable

In addition to the above, depending on the MEMS version, you also need:

for MEMS 1.9:

– FTDI-based (FT232) 12V K-Line interface (USB->OBD2 socket), commonly known as VAG-cable/VAG-KKL. These cables are widely available on ebay etc. Make sure it’s build using the FTDI USB chip, perhaps PL2303 should also work but I haven’t been able to test it. Avoid products based on CH340 chipset (reason being: there’s one missing but crucial function not yet implemented in the driver)

for MEMS 1.3/1.6:

– Any USB-to-TTL converter, again, the most popular are FTDI FT232 and PL2303. Remember that MEMS 1.6 uses 5V logic (depending on the quality of the converter circuit a 3.3 V may also work)

So far the following ECU have been verified to work correctly:

MKC103610 (MEMS 1.6)

MKC101610 (MEMS 1.6)

MKC104393 (MEMS 1.9, LandRover Freelander 1.8 Petrol 99′)

Please try the “lite” version before purchasing the full edition. This is important to verify that your hardware interface is compatible.

For more details, please visit

Download apk file for your android phone: link


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