Thought – Calls & Reminders – A smart edge for your calls. Communicate, even if you don't pick up that call!

Thought - Calls & Reminders

A smart edge for your calls. Communicate, even if you don’t pick up that call!

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Incoming calls can catch you while you are on the run or in a meeting or in a movie. No need to pick up and tell them you’ll be available after 15 minutes. Receiving a call while driving can be unsafe as well as inconvenient. If in a meeting with your boss, a ringing phone can be disastrous.

Thought is an innovative call experience that lets you communicate with a single gesture. And all the messages sent are absolutely free!

And that’s not all. Whenever you send a Thought message to your caller, the app automatically sets a smart reminder.

A student’s customized message may look like, “In college, will talk after classes”. A doctor’s customized message may look like “In OPD, call you back in a while”. You can also set the reminder-timer according to your convenience.

Thought reminders will let you know when it is time to call your friends back. If you wish, you can just snooze the reminder.
Check out the fresh and improved UI of Thought now!

App features :
– Smart caller screen
– Smart call log
– Improved navigation
– Smarter reminders
– Single tap communication
– Absolutely free messages
– Preset messages on caller screen
– Customizable messages
– Customizable reminder timers
– 50+ languages supported
– Fresh color themes for caller screen

So the next time when someone calls you, just use your Thought to communicate!

Download apk file for your android phone:


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