SYNchat Messenger – A Very Private Messenger. Multiple IDs simultaneously. No phone number required.

SYNchat Messenger

A Very Private Messenger. Multiple IDs simultaneously. No phone number required.

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SYNchat is a messaging app using IDs (usernames), not your phone number. Multiple IDs simultaneously. No login, no logout. Exchange text messages, voice notes, pictures and videos using your data plan or WiFi.

• PRIVATE, SECURE: Chat with others without sharing your Phone Number.

• INSTANT IN-APP REGISTRATION: choose an ID, protect it with a password. Done. No email verification, no phone number check, no access to you phone-book, location or to any other private information.

• NATURAL LANGUAGE IDs: use Letters, Numbers, Spaces and Special Characters – but only Letters and Numbers count. Special Characters or letters capitalization are for your IDs “Styling”: they will be shown but they can be omitted in any operation.
“James Dean” and “James_Dean” or “james.dean” are the same on SYNchat. But “James Dean” looks better, register your ID like that.

• SIMPLICITY: Don’t waste time with dots or spaces when adding a Contact – only Letters and Numbers must be correct. Accidentally inserted dots, symbols or spaces are OK, they will be ignored.

• UNLIMITED NUMBER OF IDs: your SYNchat Messenger IDs are simultaneously online, they are not linked to a master ID or between them. You can register or delete any ID instantly or change its Privacy mode from Public (Anyone can contact you) to Private (only Contacts you add first or already added can reach you).

• REAL PRIVACY: SYNchat Contacts list is totally independent from your Phone Contacts. After install, the Contact list is empty – SYNchat is for new friends, keep a cool ID on you pocket!

• ROGER THAT!: Double tap on a received message and the sender will receive the “read” confirmation: the message status check marks turns green. SYNchat Messenger does not show “read” status automatically.

• Soon, voice calls!

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Detail information and download apk file for android:


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