Easy Phone – Transform your smartphone into an easy to go device including total acessibilty

Easy Phone

Transform your smartphone into an easy to go device including total acessibilty

Easy Phone screenshot 0Easy Phone screenshot 1Easy Phone screenshot 2Easy Phone screenshot 3

This app was created to help people with few skills or some level of difficulty during their regular use of the cell phone. It was designed also to the PSW, visually impaired and hearing loss persons, besides elder and even children.

Configure up to six hot contacts (the most frequently called ones), besides three emergency contact buttons.

The PANIC BUTTON, after assigned with one of your six hot contacts, once activated (press and hold), will call instantaneously to that contact at the same time it will be sending a customizable message asking for help.

On REGULAR USER mode, call directly to a given contact just pressing and holding the corresponding button.

The mains screen has also two extra buttons – the phonebook and a text-to-speech dialpad screen.

In this version we have the vibrate function for ALL buttons. It is also possible to hear the name of the called screens. At the main screen, you can hear the name of the contacts.

At the SMS screen, it is possible to DICTATE and HEAR the message to be sent out.

Shake the phone to hear the current time.

ALL app buttons are dictated. At the dialing screen both contact’s name and telephone number are dictated once they are pressed. Also on this version, if you press the PANIC button, the cell phone will send a SMS with your geolocalization.

We hope this app can be useful to you, as it was extensively worked in many ways to promote you the maximum comfort during the use of this cell phone.

See more information and download apk file for android: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/communication


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