SMSLO – Share Location GPS SMS – Share your location with anyone. Never get lost.

SMSLO - Share Location GPS SMS

Share your location with anyone. Never get lost.

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Download SMSLO for Android to share your location with anyone in the world. The most complete, reliable and compatible way to share and send locations SMSLO is a lightweight, easy to use app that even works offline without a data connection.

SMS your location when abroad, in areas with poor network coverage or when the networks are overloaded.

Share locations via social media and messaging apps.

Use the built in features to find people and places.

Create and edit your own places.

Never get lost.

How does it work?

Your device’s location, time and date is encoded into a short web link that can be sent or shared. When someone else opens the link either of the following will happen:

If the SMSLO app is installed the link will be instantly decoded. This doesn’t require a data connection. SMSLO’s built in compass can then guide them to the location or it can be used with a separate mapping or navigation app.

If the app isn’t installed a web page will open which decodes the link and presents further options for using the location. This does require an internet connection however any device that can show a web page will be able to do this including desktop computers, feature phones etc.

Why is this useful?

Because everything can be done without a data connection a location can be reliably sent with even the most basic mobile signal. To get a GPS fix doesn’t require any mobile connection at all and SMS messages can almost always be sent and received so long as a mobile signal is present. Mobile data can be very expensive abroad and is often switched off entirely or unavailable. Even when networks are slow and messages are being delayed it is still possible to tell how old a location is by the time encoded within the link.

Because the location is sent as a web link it can be used by anyone in the world even if they don’t have the app so long as they have access to the internet. Locations are no longer tied into a messaging platform – cut, paste, share or copy them wherever you want.

What else can you do?

Locations don’t just have to be based on your current position. When online use the map screen to choose locations and set the date and time. These can be used and shared for any purpose.

With an internet connection SMSLO can also search the Google Places database, useful for creating and sharing meeting places etc.

Locations can be used with other location aware apps installed on the device, e.g. mapping and navigation applications. Conversely SMSLO can also be used to send and store locations from these apps.

Locations can be scrambled to prevent someone decoding them correctly without the right code.

Manually enter locations from geographical coordinates.

App features:

Map screen.
Simple compass or detailed radar display.
Store locations.
Edit and manage locations.
Search the Google Places database.
Address lookups via Google.
Send locations by SMS.
Share locations via external apps.
Works offline.
Seamlessly integrates with Android via web links.
Use locations with other location aware apps (e.g. offline maps, navigation apps).
Receive locations from other apps.
Supports multiple measurement systems (Metric, Imperial, UK, Nautical).
Coordinates in Decimal Degrees or Degrees/Minutes/Seconds.
Location code scrambling.
Night mode.

Download apk file:


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