StrongVPN OpenVPN Client – Protect your online privacy and access geographically restricted services.

StrongVPN OpenVPN Client

Protect your online privacy and access geographically restricted services.

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Easy setup, heavy encryption, no logs.

StrongVPN delivers a robust suite of features to keep your Internet connection secure against hackers and identity thieves no matter where you are. Evading your ISP, mobile carrier, or any strangers lurking on public Wi-Fi has never been easier. With StrongVPN for Android phones and tablets, you’ll be creating a private virtual tunnel between your device and our network, giving you a layer of encryption you’ve never had before.

Absolutely No Logs
Our strict no-logging policy ensures that your personal information and online activity remain off-the-record. With StrongVPN, you’ll enjoy the freedom to access censored media from anywhere in the world and the peace of mind that no one can decode what you’re doing.

Tried, True, Trusted
As one of the first VPN providers, StrongVPN has become the most reliable name for commercial VPNs in the industry. Established in 1995, StrongVPN provides more than 87,000 dynamic and static IPs, spanning across more than 500 servers in 22 countries.

Flexible Options, Easy Access
Your StrongVPN account can be used with any major smartphone, tablet, computer, or router at no additional cost! Global and anonymous payment options provide additional privacy safeguards.

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