Votinga: Voting in Group – Make group decisions quickly and easily. Starts to vote now!

Votinga: Voting in Group

Make group decisions quickly and easily. Starts to vote now!

Votinga: Voting in Group screenshot 0Votinga: Voting in Group screenshot 1Votinga: Voting in Group screenshot 2Votinga: Voting in Group screenshot 3Votinga: Voting in Group screenshot 4Votinga: Voting in Group screenshot 5Votinga: Voting in Group screenshot 6Votinga: Voting in Group screenshot 7

Votinga enables everyone to vote quickly on any subject. You don’t need to remember your friend’s requirements and needs for any more. You can check the results and your friend’s preferences whenever you want! Additionally, you can send text messages to the rest of the friends invited to particular activity.

What are you waiting for sign up and vote? Plan your holidays, choose the date of an exam or select the best place to share with friends or where to have a drink. Write opinions, invite your friends to participate, vote and you will have the best choice. We must now to do it! 😉

Make your vote public or private. Votinga only shows your preferences to the rest of participants if the activity is public. Remember that your opinion is the most important part of the program.

Get started in a minute:

To enter the votes, you first have to create an activity. Here you can set the topic or matter which will be voted. Then, events may be added to any activity previously created. An event involves the different “decisions fields” on which you can vote. Finally, only remains to invite all your friends and start to vote.

For any question, queries and/or suggestion, you can consult at the following address:

Thanks to the following individuals for helping with translations:
• Omar (English)
• Odalys y Nicola (Italiano)
• Iran de Albuquerque (Português)
Help me to translate the app into your language. Contact me.

Download apk file for your android phone:


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