Digital Voice – Subscribe to StarHub’s Digital Voice Softphone to make & receive unlimited calls

Digital Voice

Subscribe to StarHub’s Digital Voice Softphone to make & receive unlimited calls

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Stay connected on the go with StarHub’s Digital Voice Softphone, which allows you to receive and make unlimited calls using your Android devices without incurring additional phone charges*.

* Note: Subscription to StarHub’s Digital Voice Global service is required.

Platform versions: Android 4.x (minimum 2.2)
Supported Devices: Samsung Galaxy S and Note Series

Important Note: As the Android OS is customised by each device manufacturer with different hardware configurations, application compatibility on other devices are potentially limited.

>> Target Users

Digital Voice Softphone is provided free and exclusive to all StarHub’s Digital Voice Global subscribers, so that they can enjoy the added convenience of being able to access the Digital Voice Global service on the go without incurring any additional charges. StarHub’s Digital Voice Global service is ideal for those who live or study abroad and would like to have a convenient and affordable means of keeping in touch with their loved ones at home without incurring high IDD bills.

>> Features

• One single phonebook for easy dialling – You can call anyone in your existing Android devices contact list using the Digital Voice Softphone. There is no need to transfer contact numbers or maintain a separate contact list.
• Consolidated call history for easy reference – The history of all incoming, outgoing and missed calls for your mobile line and your Digital Voice Global line are all registered under a consolidated call log.
• Note: “+” prefix for IDD calls is not supported.

>> Charges

For just $10.49 per month, you can enjoy free unlimited calls via Digital Voice Global/Softphone to any Singapore registered number anywhere (including any fixed line and mobile line)*.

* Valid till 31 December 2016. To access Digital Voice Global service overseas, you will require an internet connection in that country. Please check with the operator in that country regarding fees or charges that may be imposed, if any. Please note that some overseas operators may prohibit or restrict the use of Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) functionality over their network. Thus, do check with the operator with regards to their usage policy in advance.

For more information on Digital Voice Global,
please visit

For more information on Digital Voice Softphone,
please visit

>> Apply for Digital Voice Global or Softphone

For new subscribers, please sign up at

See detail information and download apk file for your android phone:


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