N-Com – Management, configuration and remote control of N-Com system for bikes helmets.


Management, configuration and remote control of N-Com system for bikes helmets.

N-Com screenshot 0N-Com screenshot 1N-Com screenshot 2N-Com screenshot 3N-Com screenshot 4N-Com screenshot 5N-Com screenshot 6N-Com screenshot 7

Compatibility with the N-Com intercom systems: B5, B4, B3, B1, Bluetooth Kit3, BX5, BX4, BX1, M5, MULTI 3, MULTI 2
Have you fitted your helmet with an N-Com communication system? If so, now it will be even easier to manage it thanks to the first and only dedicated App.

The N-Com App is the exclusive application developed by the Nolan Group that allows you to control and configure the N-Com intercom system for motorbike helmets from your Android Smartphone.

The N-Com App can be used as a Bluetooth wireless keypad to give all intercom commands in a simple and user-friendly manner, from the Smartphone display, even while riding your motorbike.

Moreover, you will be able to configure the N-Com system wherever you are, according to your needs: presetting your favourite radio stations, adjusting the audio settings, managing the connected Bluetooth devices and all other functions which, until now, could only be done from a PC.

The N-Com App is easy to use since the different functions are subdivided into 6 menus.

– Possibility to select the desired function
– Indication of the N-Com system battery charge (in all menus)

– Telephone call
– Redial the last number called
– Vocal call
– Storage of favourite contacts
– Quick call (6 contacts)

– “Bike-to-Bike” call

– Display of the selected radio station
– Manual band scanning
– Automatic band scanning
– 6 preset radio stations

– Play / Pause
– Next track
– Previous Track

– Audio adjustments
– Managing RDS / Friends or Bike-to-Bike / Single earpiece / MONO audio functions / Smart Navi System
– Managing Emergency Stop Signal
– Checking for new firmware updates
– List of associated devices

– Adjusting the volume
– Intercom connection / disconnection

The App N-Com has been developed in collaboration with the Consortium T3LAB.

Detail information and download apk file for android: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/communication


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