SWE Browser – It is your Internet browser for Android, which has everything you need.

SWE Browser

It is your Internet browser for Android, which has everything you need.

SWE Browser screenshot 0SWE Browser screenshot 1SWE Browser screenshot 2SWE Browser screenshot 3SWE Browser screenshot 4SWE Browser screenshot 5SWE Browser screenshot 6SWE Browser screenshot 7SWE Browser screenshot 8SWE Browser screenshot 9

In this Internet browser you will see the familiar layout and functionality of the classic browser.
Here is a modern engine, chromium, which will provide modern facilities, high level of security and privacy when you access Internet resources. Great fitting the text to fit the screen, you don’t have to scale the screen to read. This browser has Interface for tablets and phones. In this app style of design and styles of dialogs «Material design» are used.

Key features:
Blocking ads, pop-ups and unwanted content browse web pages without distractions on the other the advertisements, protection against online surveillance and fraudulent websites.
Incognito mode (browse the Web without saving the browser history and do not leave on the device any other traces).
There isn’t support for Adobe Flash Player, for security reasons, use the new format for HTML5 video, which is implemented in full.
Advanced uploading of files with a choice of the destination folder.
Save pages for later offline reading mode.
Work with bookmarks, browsing history (synchronization is possible only if you have already installed the system application from Google).
Save your data for auto-complete forms.
Full-screen mode (for Android 4.4 and above an Immersive Mode, hide the navigation pane).
Search: Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search provider as default.
Smooth scrolling of Web pages.
Location (on or off the data transmitted to sites about your) location.

For familiarization with used Open Source license please go to settings on your browser SWE “.

Download apk file for android: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/communication


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