Teleum – Softphone – SIPFONE – supports video calls and zrtp protocol for privacy.


Softphone – SIPFONE – supports video calls and zrtp protocol for privacy.

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Softphone Teleum – the application of the same name service:

– Allows you to connect a landline phone directly from the application online
– Allows you to connect 8-800 phone directly from the application online
– Manage call forwarding from a landline to any mobile or SIP
– Allows you to make calls from one smartphone to another absolutely free
– Send messages between users.
– Uses highly efficient codecs to save bandwidth (g729)
– Provides a secure connection (protocol used zrtp)
calls can be protected not only voice but video
– Redirect SMS Teleum an Account.
– SMS Forwarding set separately for different simkarty (2 concerns simochnyh smartphones)

For more information:
Immediately after installation you will get to the page where you can connect an existing account as Teleum or register a new 1-click. Upon registration you will automatically replenishes the balance for 25 rubles. On this amount, you can connect direct city number. and even still have to carry out test calls.
Calls between users teleum default application encodes traffic ZRTP protocol so that the intercept voice and understand what is the conversation the interlocutors is not possible even if you put on the channel between users account information, the service itself Teleum also can not do it. On the screen between users there is an information line and Verified code – which should be the same for both interlocutors – this means that the path between the interlocutors there is nothing that can listen to a talk or see a video broadcast.
In addition, you can call regular phones using a set of standard international format. For example: +7(812)323-2323 – and a call comes into the office Teleum.

SMS Forwarding – another unique service which is available to users of the application Teleum.
Many services now requires SMS authentication, but do not wear the same with a bunch of phones, but they must always be online and ready to receive SMS. Replace them Teleum application, and adjust them pereadesatsiyu one teleum number that is always with you. All incoming SMS messages to all mobile phones will be forwarded to the appropriate application teleum your smartphone (teleum an Account) – in this case it is absolutely free.
But you can not have this set of smart phones, and enough to throw an offer at any youth forum that you are willing to pay for “hosting” simkarty and forwarding SMS and plenty willing to respond and your problem will be solved. Members with the set up call forwarding only one simkarty they “host” and sms from their personal SIM cards – will be transmitted.

And yet:

If you set up auto-answer on one smartphone and call on him, you get full service remote monitoring and control, for example, radio-sitter.

If you wish, you can even set the device to the application in the refrigerator – you can always look at it from a place and realize that ended, and that we should buy.

After downloading the application (or in front of it in advance) – visit the site and register an Account – this procedure will take you just one click, and then go to the page “Settings” (in the menu). For calls through the application uses the settings sip Account, which listed on the “setup”
In one Teleum account as a gift, you can use a variety of SIP Account to configure on different devices. Thus, you can create an entire network of points of a video monitor.

Detail information and download apk file for android:


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