X-Igent Panic Button – Protect yourself and your family with X-Igent

X-Igent Panic Button

Protect yourself and your family with X-Igent

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*** Pre-Secure Yourself ***

X-Igent Panic Button is a panic button application that can send emergency information to your closest relatives quickly and accurately. If you are in the city of Bandung, an emergency message will be forwarded to the Command Center Bandung (Bandung in cooperation with the municipal government and Telkom Indonesia).
X-Igent provides two methods of delivery to the closest relatives, via Push Notification (If your relative is already enrolled in the X-Igent) and via SMS * (If relatives have not been registered in the X-Igent).

Features X-Igent Panic Button:
1) Panic Button: Send the message that you are in a state of emergency along with your actual position to the Whitelist (Relatives Nearby) that you have defined automatically.

2) Integrated with BCC (Bandung Command Center): If the emphasis Panic Button in Bandung, in addition to the whitelist, an emergency message will be forwarded to Bandung Command Center to be addressed further.

3) Homescreen Widget: Panic button may be placed on the homescreen smartphone, so you do not need to open the application to be able to perform the emergency button is pressed.

4) Lockscreen Widgets: Panic Button can be placed on Lockscreen Smartphone (Android version 4.1 – 4.4), making it easier to access panic button without the need to open the lockscreen smartphone.

5) Shortcut Key (hotkeys): Can use as Mi Key Shortcut Key or pressy mounted 3.5mm Audio port (port Headset) smartphone (Android 5.0 and below), as a trigger Panic Button. By using a shortcut key, access the panic button will become more instant.

6) Acceptance of phone calls automatically (Auto Answer) as a form of verification of the incident conducted by whitelists and Bandung Command Center.

7) Place Important: X-Igent equipped with a list of important addresses and contact point who are around you.

8) History notifications panic button that is displayed in historical.

* Delivery emergency messages via SMS Standard message charges from the provider you use


Contact us

website x-igent_com
email support@x-igent.com
Facebook facebook.com/xigentsystem
Twitter twitter.com/xigentsystem

Download apk file for your android phone: goo.gl/AOZ9Ed


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