TheDialer – MAKE EASY CALLS via your calling card.


MAKE EASY CALLS via your calling card.

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TheDialer is a free app that helps you to make easy calls via your calling card. With this app you can use VoIP, call through, callback and SMS service from your provider easier and more comfortable. You will never again be annoyed at DTMF problems. TheDialer takes care for the necessary entries of phone numbers and PIN – provided a working data connection. With TheDialer you can also simply and easily call your contacts directly from the phone book to the competitive prices of your calling card provider. Therefor a one-off PIN entry is required. Over the history and the credit display, you have full cost control at any times.
And you can recharge your calling card directly through the app.
Convince yourself of the TheDialer and install this innovative free app now!


*NO HIDDEN COSTS/FREE APP: TheDialer is a free app for an easy use of your calling card from your smartphone. You call at the cost effective prices of your calling card provider. The app makes use of your internet connection: 3G/EDGE or Wi-Fi (if available) for transmission of DTMF information in the background.

*ONE-OFF PIN ENTRY: Before first use of the calling card you need to enter the PIN once. The PIN is saved, so that in future you do not have to enter the PIN again and can start calling immediately.

*NO MANUAL ENTRY OF TARGET NUMBER: With the app you do not need to enter destination numbers manually. You can select and dial your contacts directly and comfortably from your phone book.

*HISTORY: In the history all recently used services are listed chronological.

*CREDIT DISPLAY: When using the app, you always have complete cost transparency and cost control. At any time (during active data connection) you can see your current remaining balance of the calling card, and the cost per minute for the destination number.

*CLICK-TO-DIAL: With one click you can decide whether you want to call your contacts on your wireless service provider or your calling card using the app.

*PIN TRANSFER: With the entry of a new PIN you can easily activate your used calling card about the app.

NOTE: This app only works via a smartphone.

See more information and download apk file:


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