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Is your cell phone your primary mode for voice communications? Do you use your cell phone to conduct business, look for a job or make sales calls? Do you receive calls on your cell phone from phone numbers that are not in your Contacts Directory? Is receiving a call from a phone number not in your Contacts Directory a distraction forcing you to decide whether to interrupt what you are doing in order to answer it? Do you wish there was a way to identify those annoying telemarketing callers? Or better, a way to block them from reaching you? Do you wish there was a simple way to report unwanted telemarketing calls?

The CALLWORKS application and you:
– The CALLWORKS registration process does exchange an SMS text message with your cell phone to insure that it is really you who are registering the cell phone number.
– When you register your cell phone with the CALLWORKS application, your cell phone number is checked against the FTC Do Not Call registry. If your cell phone number is not already on the FTC Do Not Call registry, CALLWORKS registers your cell phone number (allow up to 30 days for your number to appear in downloads from their registry)
– Allows you to configure the mode of operation on the Settings tab
– Allows you to block individual phone numbers just on your cell phone via the Block tab
– Provides you with a history of incoming phone calls on the Logs tab
– The Call Logs history keeps the information for the last 1000 calls received on your cell phone. This information includes: Calling Party Name, Calling Party phone number, date and time of the incoming phone call. Also included in the Call Logs data is whether the call was answered, not answered or sent to treatment (Disconnect or Voicemail as indicated by the presence of the CALLWORKS icon) because the incoming phone number matched Blocking criteria.

The CALLWORKS application and TCPA Works (the vendor):
– TCPA Works uses multiple data sources including the CALLWORKS application on individual handsets to classify telephone numbers as a ‘telemarketer’.
– TCPA Works through its commercial web site encourages and facilitates businesses to register their phone numbers and caller name information
– TCPA Works uses its best efforts to distinguish those cold calls (debt collection, polling, fund raising, political action) allowed under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) from those high volume telemarketing calls outlawed by the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.
– TCPA Works is constantly working to refine the accuracy and authenticity of the calling party name information displayed for incoming phone calls using the CALLWORKS application.

See more information and download apk file for your android phone:


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