Phrases – states For Whatsapp – Phrases and states for whatsapp to share and use in social networks

Phrases -  states For Whatsapp

Phrases and states for whatsapp to share and use in social networks

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Phrases and states for whatsapp, share and use social networks. If you know that you no longer put in your state and how to surprise your friends this app
It will help because it contains all kinds of original sentences for whatsapp or wherever you want to use ( facebook, twtter, line, messenger…..) . Copy and paste directly in whatsapp or any other application that your selections.

With a very simple interface shares these states to whatsapp from these topics:

States of love
Friendship quotes
Christmas phrases
sad quotes
Pretty States whatsapp
States men
Phrases for women, girls!
smart quotes
Sentences of life
Phrases joke

Also, if you activate the reminder, every day will surprise you with a new phrase when you tell us. Enables notification!

FREE! Now you will not have excuses to renew your thoughts and plotted on whatsapp, facebook, twitter, Snapchat, Instagram … accompanies your images
also with our best inspirations!

By using this APP you understand that states and phrases cited herein correspond to their respective owners and these are collected from Internet Public domain.
Whatsapp is protected by WhatsApp Inc and has nothing to do with this APP.

See more information:


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