Mobile Extension – No deskphones anymore! Mobilext transforms your mobile into an office extension!

Mobile Extension

No deskphones anymore! Mobilext transforms your mobile into an office extension!

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Mobilext (Mobile Extension) is an app that turns your Android phone into an office extension. It can revolutionize the ways of internal communications within your company. By registering to this app at Tech Vedika, you can assign a unique extension to all your employees. Now you do not need desk phones anymore! The personal mobile of each employee turns into their mobile office extension number too.
1. The admin assigns a unique extension number against each employee along with his/her designation. These details can only be changed by the admin.
2. It creates the Company Directory for you! Every employee can see all other employees in their contact list, once they are registered into Mobilext. That facilitates faster and smoother work communication.
3. One number service: Always be reachable at a single office number.
4. Presence status: Sets your presence and see presence of your colleagues and team.
5. Video Call: You can even make video call using this app.
6. Conference calls: Start and participate in predefined conferences with a single touch.
7. Call Swipe: Transfer live call to any network or preferred device by just single click
8. Unified voicemail: All messages can now be accessed from a single mailbox instead of shuffling between your desk-phone and mobile.
9. You can chat with your colleagues, using the chat feature.
10. All you chat & call history is recorded in your account.
11. There are options to enhance the audio & video quality of data.
12. Once any employee leaves the company, you can simply unregister his/her extension.

Download apk file for your android phone:


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