Squawkin Crowd Messenger – Crowd & Private Communication, Push to Talk, Text, Photo Sharing & Location

Squawkin Crowd Messenger

Crowd & Private Communication, Push to Talk, Text, Photo Sharing & Location

Squawkin Crowd Messenger screenshot 0Squawkin Crowd Messenger screenshot 1Squawkin Crowd Messenger screenshot 2Squawkin Crowd Messenger screenshot 3Squawkin Crowd Messenger screenshot 4Squawkin Crowd Messenger screenshot 5Squawkin Crowd Messenger screenshot 6Squawkin Crowd Messenger screenshot 7Squawkin Crowd Messenger screenshot 8

Start a Crowd. Get in a Crowd. Squawk to the Crowd. You’ll be part of something big!

With Squawkin, not only can you privately message friends and groups, but Squawkin is the only app with CROWD COMMUNICATION.

A Squawkin Crowd is a new kind of shared-interest community that’s more than a following. Squawkin crowds give a voice to all, so you can be more than just a follower!

Let the people in your life experience the sounds, sights, and places you love with:

– Photo sharing
– Instant messaging/text chat
– Live audio and intercom voice (works like push to talk or a walkie talkie)
– Interactive location information

Or custom-mix these modes into a one-of-a-kind expression of your own unique voice!

Squawkin Puts You in Control
– Ephemeral if you want it to be: Instantly make sent messages disappear permanently from Squawkin’s service, including every phone/device, and our servers — delete in a snap and it’s gone for good!
– Control your private information, including data and in-app presence with powerful privacy settings
– Combine messaging modes and make every message a custom-mixed masterpiece!

You can now share Squawkin Crowd Messenger through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SMS or MMS to get your friends and family on the app today! Squawkin is growing quickly, with users in over 150 countries and counting, so download the free app now and get Squawkin!

– Learn more at squawkin.com
– Need Help? Email support@squawkin.com

See detail information: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/communication


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