On The Road (HandsFree SMS) – Texting without taking your hands off the steering wheel…

On The Road (HandsFree SMS)

Texting without taking your hands off the steering wheel…

On The Road (HandsFree SMS) screenshot 0On The Road (HandsFree SMS) screenshot 1On The Road (HandsFree SMS) screenshot 2On The Road (HandsFree SMS) screenshot 3On The Road (HandsFree SMS) screenshot 4On The Road (HandsFree SMS) screenshot 5On The Road (HandsFree SMS) screenshot 6

There are times when you are busy on a more important task such as driving (or bicycling) thus not able to read and reply to SMS text messages letting others know right away of your status. ‘On The Road’ application helps you to respond to SMS text messages without needing you to take your eyes away from the road once the app detects that you’re driving a vehicle. In addition to handle SMS text messages, incoming phone calls can be auto answered without needing you to remove your hands from the steering wheel.

Your phone will automatically revert back to normal answering mode (i.e. manual) after you’re no longer driving. No manual steps are needed to activate or de-activate the application to handle SMS text messages or auto answer phone calls before and after your driving activity.

This app is designed with ease of use in mind. Once you download the app, customize the application settings to your preference and turn on the application, you are set to go. It’s that simple.

Key Features:
1. Read aloud the content and sender of SMS text message via your phone’s speaker, compose and send reply message all handsfree.
2. Automatically answer incoming phone calls when you’re driving
3. Automatically suspend the reading/handling of SMS text messages and auto answering phone calls when you’re no longer driving
4. SMS auto reply can be limited to senders in your contacts (or starred contacts)
5. Auto answer phone calls can be limited to callers in your contacts (or starred contacts)
6. Read text messages by any languages supported by your phone’s ‘Text to Speech’ engine
7. Read text messages by your prefer ‘speech rate’ and ‘pitch’
and more…

‘On The Road’ application uses low power accelerometer in your smart phone to detect your activity (e.g. driving or biking). The application consumes little battery power without active running service in the background that could drain the battery. You will NOT notice any battery performance difference after installing this application.

SureMotion promotes safe driving; for your and public safety we encourage all drivers not to text while driving.

There may be a charge by your carrier to send SMS messages hence please make use of this application’s features accordingly.

‘On The Road’ is free. Driving mode auto detection/activation feature is free for use for 30 days. Afterwards, that feature will be disable. If you would like to continue using that feature, please upgrade to Pro version by downloading ‘On The Road Pro’ license.

Detail information and download apk file for android: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/communication


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