Sunwai雲端分機 – Sunwai Cloud ★ extension application immediately, free 48 hours talk Trial!Subscribe to a phone number, do not line up to pay x Hua outlets installed cost?


Sunwai Cloud ★ extension application immediately, free 48 hours talk Trial!Subscribe to a phone number, do not line up to pay x Hua outlets installed cost?

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Download Sunwai cloud line extension 30 seconds to open the local market in Taiwan and national telephone number, not tied about, calls save up to 90%!
Sunwai cloud extension is a first for the world’s first personal, minimally invasive, and SME companies, providing multi-functional cloud virtual switchboard, fax cloud, cloud newsletters, international telephone charges Festival, the back-end intelligent business / customer service tool CRM systems, and cross-border All-In-One cloud telephony platform virtual phone number services such representatives.
Sunwai cloud extension is a small company a good partner, so where are receiving what you do not miss any important call a pass, but also to maintain the image of the small companies and large enterprise scale, can be customized voice greeting, no big money set extensions and lines.
Sunwai cloud extension is free of cost paraphernalia abroad also ready to answer the call, the lowest 0.9 yuan per minute, more cloud conferencing and cloud fax feature that lets you take the case of 100% Chinese.
Personal Business
Sunwai cloud extension outer counties also have local telephone numbers beginning with 02, away from home is also convenient adapter attached butler to help you filter your phone calls.
Professional – Micro Entrepreneurship & Action office business people, sales
Distributed teams, with Sunwai cloud extension office can also act! Become sales people! Multi-adapter Skype, SIP VoIP, U number, allowing you to contact customers at home and abroad, as well as voice navigation, ext recording, save customer service resources, shaping corporate image! More usable than the open conference room phones, and cloud fax
Enterprise, Cloud office eOffice
Sunwai cloud cloud features full-extension Recording extension + audio guides to shape the company’s image!
Walking the parties are free transfer, large customers at home and abroad according to orders!
Call Manager for you to filter calls, set simple caring home!
Switchboard enjoy cloud, cloud conference room, fax clouds, cloud newsletters cloud, allowing you to work even more powerful!
★ domestic / international local telephone number
★ Free Transfer tripartite resonance
★ wisdom voice system
★ wisdom Call Manager
★ extension automatically with the selected recording
★ play each other free extension
★ Cloud Newsletter – wisdom Batch send
★ cloud fax – send and receive e-
★ Cloud meeting room – Voice Meeting Room
★ customer contact management simple CRM platform
★ digital voicemail integration
★ annual traffic record search
★ save 50% to 80% of domestic calls international telephone charges
————————————————– ————————————————
>> “Sunwai cloud extension” action cloud switchboard Profile
>> Free Trial
>> Service

Detail information and download apk file for android:


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