Refugee Emojis Keyboard – Show the world refugees are #RealPeople with the Refugee Emojis keyboard.

Refugee Emojis Keyboard

Show the world refugees are #RealPeople with the Refugee Emojis keyboard.

Refugee Emojis Keyboard screenshot 0Refugee Emojis Keyboard screenshot 1Refugee Emojis Keyboard screenshot 2

Refugees are #RealPeople

The Refugee Emojis keyboard lets you create any message of support for all the refugees throughout the world.

The Refugee Emojis show that refugees are #realpeople. People with amazing stories. Humans like you and me, often families, who were forced to leave their homes because of the threat of war. From doctors and artists to moms and children: the refugee crisis spares no one.

Share the stories and show the other side of the crisis. This set of emojis is divided in several categories, helping you to support several causes:

• Real People: emojis that highlight incredible stories of refugees
• Welcoming: be kind, and help those in need with a heartwarming welcome
• For Kids: no kid chose to be a refugee. Let the young and vulnerable feel safe and provide them a future.
• Life Savers: a set designed to highlight all essential items for refugees in need.
• Empowering Women: reminds us to treat all with equal rights.

USA for UNHCR, Doctors without Borders and all other partners give direct aid to refugees and displaced people throughout the world. By sending a Refugee Emoji, you are showing that you care.

For more information, please visit refugee-emojis_org

See more information and download apk file:


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