o2 Message+Call – More than a messenger. Calls Now with a smartphone via Wi-Fi.

o2 Message+Call

More than a messenger. Calls Now with a smartphone via Wi-Fi.

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Wireless calls and messaging in one:
With the o2 Message + Call app you can with your smartphone via WLAN just like in the mobile network to run and receive calls – and for fixed, mobile and even special numbers without the interlocutors must have the o2 Message + Call app installed.
In addition, the app provides many additional messaging features.

The app is exclusive to O2 mobile customers (currently still excluding prepaid customers) available.
We are even better, we look forward to your feedback (under messagepluscall@telefonica.com)

The Message + Call app uses a mobile internet connection over the wireless network or WLAN, what according to your respective tariff charges may apply. Fi calls, SMS and MMS are normally charged to your valid mobile phone tariff. For WLAN calls the same conditions as for a conversation that you lead from Germany apply. Without wireless connection, a telephone call from the app a standard mobile call is (no mobile internet connection required). More details can be found under o2_de/apps-services/message-plus-call

Simple and intuitive.
All functions are also available while you are talking or chatting available. Without that you have to interrupt your conversation. In addition, you do not have to consider whether the recipient also uses Message + Call. Your smartphone recognizes as automatically if the message should be sent as SMS or chat message.

Your data is safe.
Highest data security and the best possible protection of your privacy give you a good feeling: your data and messages are encrypted (SRTP and TLS Encryption) and are thus well protected from unauthorized access. Even in unsecured networks. So your privacy is protected at all times. o2 is also not disclose information to third parties nor sold it for a commercial use.

The main features include:

Wireless call – even more reception via WLAN
simple Make calls over Wi-Fi as in areas with poor cellular network coverage and so expand your network coverage. Make calls with any phone: landline, mobile phone, even special numbers. Also abroad. For all calls, the conditions for a call from Germany apply.

Video telephony – Communicate with more than words
Share Live pictures of you or impressions of your surroundings with your friends? No problem: The camera can be during a conversation at any time easily hinzuschalten.

Chats – Stay in touch with your friends
Replace with friends and family via SMS, MMS and Chat? Now everything is possible simultaneously. Also group chats with up to 20 participants. In the networks of O2, Telekom and Vodafone.

Data exchange – send pictures, files, videos
You worry about the content of your messages – Message + Call takes care of the rest files with a size up to 20 MB you can now easily send live.. Even during the conversation.

Whiteboard – be creative as with pen and paper
Add markers and notes for example, in a map view, revise photos and beautify. Or just start drawing? Be creative and send your work as a file – even while you chat or talk.

The full range of functions available when the smart phones of the sender and receiver are RCS-enabled. If you are able to use this app, your device is RCS enabled. If only one unit RCS-capable, it comes to the following restrictions:
– Video telephony: not possible
– Chats / group chats: Sending messages as SMS / MMS
– Send files (photos / videos etc.): Files are sent as MMS
– Whiteboard: Files are sent as MMS

See detail information and download apk file for android: goo.gl/TgtFBB


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