Team Talk – Increase productivity with snapshots called Team Talk on the Movistar network!

Team Talk

Increase productivity with snapshots called Team Talk on the Movistar network!

Team Talk screenshot 0Team Talk screenshot 1Team Talk screenshot 2

Team Talk provides instant radio call connection (PTT), reliable, and you will always be connected with your team. At the touch of a button you can communicate instantly with up to 250 members of his team. The consistent performance of our system ensures that calls start faster and the connection is maintained until the end of the conversation.
• Instant connection: Less than 2 seconds.
• Individual and group calls:
      ◦ Up to 1000 contacts and 100 groups of 250 contacts per user (Administered by the Corporate Manager).
      ◦ Up to 300 contacts and 30 groups of 30 contacts per user (managed on the mobile device).
• superior voice quality.
• Security and Encryption (Under the standard 256-bit end-to-end).
• variety of devices (Android and IOS operating systems).
• WiFi functionality.
• All in one device!
Team Talk can be used in WiFi networks, allowing you to take advantage of the wide availability of these networks and be connected in areas where cellular coverage is not enough, moreover, can maintain communication internationally without extra roaming costs.
Roaming on data network is subject to the current rates of the data network.
• With this tool you can:
      ◦ Locate workforce, through a map and GPS equipment, locate on demand in real time
        each of the users.
      ◦ Record calls exclusively working groups.
      ◦ monitoring groups, where you can always know the status of the talks.

Continued use of GPS can dramatically decrease battery life.

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