Rose Gold Keyboard – Classy phone keypad themes in your favorite colors!

Rose Gold Keyboard

Classy phone keypad themes in your favorite colors!

Rose Gold Keyboard screenshot 0Rose Gold Keyboard screenshot 1Rose Gold Keyboard screenshot 2Rose Gold Keyboard screenshot 3Rose Gold Keyboard screenshot 4Rose Gold Keyboard screenshot 5Rose Gold Keyboard screenshot 6

We have prepared a special treat for all of you trendy and stylish girls! Meet Rose Gold Keyboard, a special keypad app for special and unique girls who want to feel sophistication and luxury beneath their fingers. These wonderful rose gold themes will make your mobile device like from a fairy tale and you’ll feel like a princess. Typing and sending cute text messages will be like magic every time you take out your smartphone or tablet, and beautifully shaped keypad keys will help you type faster and with precision. If you are a true romantic inside your heart and you love to feel one of a kind, our gold keyboard with emojis is everything you need. Download Rose Gold Keyboard, an app for girls that will make your world much prettier.

How to install you new keypad app:

1. Click on ‘Enable the Keyboard’, then check the box-field next to ‘Rose Gold Keyboard’ and then click on the OK button
2. Return to the application, then select ‘Set the Keyboard to Default’ button and select “Rose Gold Keyboard”
3. Now, you can customize your keyboard (select language, themes, and shortcuts)

Luxury gold theme with gentle rose details will give your device an elegant look that a true lady needs. Besides amazing “rose gold” wallpapers for the keyboard background, you’ll also have a separate “emoji keypad” that you can use to easily place your favorite emoticons and smileys in cute friendship messages or adorable love sms. If you are a fan of a gold glitter keyboard or a rose keyboard, then this fusion of colors will leave you stunned. Stand in awe before one of the most beautiful keyboard themes for girls and their phones or tablets! This is one of the cutest girly apps you can find on the market, so download it now for free and enjoy these wonderful features:

☆◠☆ ◡☆◠☆ ◡☆◠☆ ◡☆◠☆ ◡☆◠☆ ◠☆ ◡☆

♔ Several cute “keyboard themes” for your phone or tablet!
♔ Choose your favorite out of many gold keypad themes!
♔ Several “rose gold themes” to enjoy your updated emoji keypad for phones!
♔ Cool emoticons and smileys to send to your bffs!
♔ Vibration and stylish keyboard sounds!
♔ Choose the default language: English, Spanish, Malay, Vietnamese, Turkish, Italian, French, German, Portuguese, Polish, or Romanian!
♔ Select words for numbers and type even faster!
♔ Go and text on your cool keypad style right away!

☆◠☆ ◡☆◠☆ ◡☆◠☆ ◡☆◠☆ ◡☆◠☆ ◠☆ ◡☆

With gold rose theme for your keypad background, you’ll feel fancy and extravagant. This “keyboard style” is for everyone who like rose gold phones with nice nuances of colors and details. No matter whether you like pink or gold better, this incredible theme changer is perfect if you want to freshen up your style and try something new for your device. Just imagine how wonderful the golden keyboard decorations will match your pink wallpapers that you already have on your phone screen. It radiates elegance and confidence and you will too if you get cute themes for girls and install this “gold rose keyboard” right now for free!

There is no better way to “customize keyboard” than this one, so better hurry and be the first among your friends who will try out the latest keypad design on the market. Feel like a millionaire with your brand new updated “emoji keyboard” skin and have all the popular emoticons just at the reach of your fingertips. Indulge in texting and typing updated emoji and emoticons while watching beautiful keyboard art behind the keys.The girly app is specially designed for glitter lovers who are bored with ordinary and old keypad styles. Change your “keyboard color” now and try something different with Rose Gold Keyboard. Get your free download here!

See detail information and download apk file for android:


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