TELUS Cloud – TELUS Cloud is a great new way to simplify your digital life.


TELUS Cloud is a great new way to simplify your digital life.

TELUS Cloud screenshot 0TELUS Cloud screenshot 1TELUS Cloud screenshot 2TELUS Cloud screenshot 3TELUS Cloud screenshot 4TELUS Cloud screenshot 5TELUS Cloud screenshot 6TELUS Cloud screenshot 7TELUS Cloud screenshot 8

TELUS Cloud simplifies your digital life by automatically securing your digital content, including pictures, videos, music, calendars, contacts and more on your mobile devices and computers – all within your own private cloud account.


• Free up storage on your mobile devices by having your pictures and videos automatically upload to the cloud
• Keep all of your devices in sync by having the same content available whenever you need it, on each device with the app or through the web portal
• Eliminates the need for cables and manual transfers of information to your devices
• Makes it easy to access your digital content through the web portal, whenever you have access to a web browser. You can even play your music directly from the web portal!
• Share the photos, videos, or other files you want by selecting them individually, and sharing them through e-mail or a social network. You can control what is viewed, how and by whom.

System Requirements:
*Not intended for CDMA devices*

See more information and download apk file for your android phone:


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