Meu Candidato – Your e saint.

Meu Candidato

Your e saint.

Meu Candidato screenshot 0Meu Candidato screenshot 1Meu Candidato screenshot 2Meu Candidato screenshot 3Meu Candidato screenshot 4Meu Candidato screenshot 5Meu Candidato screenshot 6

GET YOUR ELECTRONIC SANTINHO, personalized with your picture and information for (from) R $ 199.00 *.

ELECTIONS ARE COMING! With this App applicants provide information to millions of people at very low cost! Order today!

“My Candidate” can also submit information on AUDIO and VIDEO can display PDFs, present the party site, contain links, view Twitter, Facebook etc.

Is FREE to the public, is easily installed on phones and tablets, which helps in the growth of the candidate and the party because people “take home” text content, audio and video, disseminating information and promoting votes and affiliations. It is advertising that SHARING people.

Brazil has over 200 MILLION MOBILE PHONES, most with Android operating system, where “My Candidate” works.

For “My Candidate” is published here in the Google Store, the App is reviewed and certified, becoming 100% TO VIRUS TEST: a great incentive because there is no risk. Thus, “My Candidate” has stamp of safety and official quality of Google itself.

Multiformat, “My Candidate” works on any size screen, from small mobile phones to large tablets. In the ADVANCED model (ask for information) you have the benefit of being able to count with two display settings, one in a “picture” and another “landscape”, which better distributes the information and makes the pleasant and practical presentation.

After finishing the production (a few days only!), The candidate receives an Android file with your custom and unique copy of “My Candidate” TO DISTRIBUTE COMFORTABLE. It can send this file to your mailing, you can leave copy on your site etc. You can also choose to publish free App in HERE IN OUR STORE within the Google Store. Thus it daily gives the number of people who installed the “saint” on their devices. Alternatively, you can also create your own store in the Google Store to publish your App, thus gaining more control and detail the use being made of your App.

The name “My Candidate” is only for the App model. Purchasing your own App, it will receive the name that you think best, CUSTOM: it can be your name, your campaign slogan, the name of his party etc.

Dirt-cheap! Do not wait, from R $ 199.00 * you order your App today.

– – –

See how the candidate for State Representative for São Paulo, Assis 27190, boosted his campaign in 2014:

– – –

“My Candidate” also enhances his talks with the “Live” (optional feature – please ask for details), an amazing tool for use in events, which makes the participation of your audience and increase your time with the word! With “Live” your audience submits questions, moderated by a control panel for you through the App itself.

– – –

Create your own App, please contact: apps (at)

* Does not include video; only two flaps (figure for July 2016).

– – –

Release:. Dear developers of similar applications, stop negatively classify our App Empower yourself positively and overcome us, if they are able. Study our App and our business model and see what can develop: a live, interactive App with sounds, images and movement; audio, video, PDFs and view everything our customers need: we can do. More: using a few megabytes and do not require the latest versions of Android (competitor has around doing App with 100 Mbytes in size … pedal Robinho!) There is another reason that our App has over 2000 downloads, while no other competitor It has more than 500.

Got a customer? Do not know how to give him the App it needs? Contact: apps (at) We are sure that we can do great business together.

Good studies.

Detail information and download apk file:


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