SwiftSMS – SwiftSMS – Simply sending beautiful webtexts


SwiftSMS – Simply sending beautiful webtexts

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SwiftSMS – Simply sending beautiful webtexts.

SwiftSMS helps you use your Webtexts straight from your phone or tablet in a fast and simple manner.
It is designed to provide you with easy and intuitive access to sending text messages using your Network Providers free Webtext allowance.
Features include:
* Send SMS via Webtext
* Multiple Accounts
* Fast Account Switching
* Simple and Quick Contact Suggestions
* Store saved SMS messages in your Sent Box (even on KitKat)
* Beautiful Android Holo Design
* Simple and effective Recent Contacts

Swift SMS is designed with the Android look and feel in mind, making it fit seamlessly into your device. It makes sending web texts from your Android device feel natural.

Swift SMS currently supports all Irish Network Providers:
* Vodafone
* Three
* Meteor (old & new)
* Tesco
* EMobile
* O2

Explanation of permissions:

* Required to connect to the Network Providers website when sending an SMS.

* Required to provide Contact Suggestions from your phones contacts list.

* Required to enter a sent SMS into your sent messages.

* Required to help notify of a SMS send failure.

* Required to access the SMS database, only used for writing sent text messages.

See detail information: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/communication


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