Thermics GSM – Management application module Ksital GSM-4T.

Thermics GSM

Management application module Ksital GSM-4T.

Thermics GSM screenshot 0Thermics GSM screenshot 1Thermics GSM screenshot 2Thermics GSM screenshot 3Thermics GSM screenshot 4Thermics GSM screenshot 5Thermics GSM screenshot 6

The application is designed for owners of GSM-module control heating equipment Ksital GSM-4T. The program can work with several systems Ksital GSM-4T and can comfortably manage different devices: electric and gas boilers, lighting, control and adjust the temperature in the heating system and the premises include any additional device to put on and take off with the object of protection, receive alarms in case of breach of the perimeter, listen controlled facilities, receive notification message from the system in a convenient format in Russian, to seek balance SIM-card, install additional rooms for mailings alarms. After exploring the GSM-module, the program becomes intuitive and not difficult to the user. All-purpose temperature sensors and output relays easily rename for other objectives.
After introducing and sending in the system settings SIM-card numbers, passwords Ksital (see MR Ksital GSM-4T), and request code USSD balance of your operator, the program will send all the necessary initial setup and will be ready to work.

See more information and download apk file for android:


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