MojiSMS – MojiSMS is an all-in-one stylish social and messaging app.


MojiSMS is an all-in-one stylish social and messaging app.

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MojiSMS is an all-in-one stylish social and messaging app to keep you updated on what’s happening and stay connected with your friends, family, and people around you, completely Free!

Send direct SMS messages to any device, even your iPhone friends without adding cost to your phone plan. Create, customize, and organize your group chat or your one-on-one messages that’s creative and fun.
Send fully editable photos, personalize your messages with handwritten feature, and color themes.

MojiSMS is not like any other messaging apps out there! With MojiSMS, you can share your moments, places, events, photos, and get updates on things that are happening around you.
Discover the latest and popular videos, entertainment news, jokes, places to eat, events and parties around you, even your daily horoscope!

There’s no need to download multiple apps, with MojiSMS, you have everything in one place. Making it easy and convenient for you to stay connected with your family and friends, or make new friends who share your interests.
Get daily updates on only the things that matters you in your area and around the world!

Features You’ll Love:

Fully Personalize: Create and customize the way you send and share your SMS and MMS messages, photos, emojis, stickers, color themes, and handwritten tool. Love gifs? You can create them directly and add your personal touch to send them to your friends.

Base on SMS: Send texts, voice messages, and videos to different devices, including iPhone users. They don’t need to have MojiSMS app to receive your text, and it really cool!

Free Chat: Create your own group chat, send MMS messages, and organize them the way you want.

Social Sharing: Share photos, moments, videos, and locations with who you want.

Social Topics: Share, receive, and save only the topics you want in areas like trending videos, entertainment news, restaurants, weathers, movies, gifs, stickers, and more!

Notification and Control: Adjust notification on the topics and people you want to get updates and messages from. You can block people you don’t know and put them into a custom folder, or block certain SMS sender when you don’t want to be interrupted.

Decoding Organization Numbers: Have you ever received messages from a number you don’t recognize? MojiSMS will automatically decode unknown numbers and let you know who’s sending you message.

Easy Search: Search for specific topic, contact, or conversation in your threads, making it convenient and fast to find what you are looking for.

Stylish, Simple, and Unique: Experience a new social chatting app that’s modern and a One-of-a-Kind place to stay connected. With numerous features that allows you to fully control and have fun with!

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