My112 – My 112 – The best way to get in touch your Centro 112


My 112 – The best way to get in touch your Centro 112

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My112 can contact the Emergency Center 112, sending your current position to the operator who is taking you, helping your location. In addition, My112 receive real-time alerts emergency near your position and date thereof at the time of produced information.
Some of the advantages that can be obtained using My112 are:
– When an emergency alert occurs in the area where you are, you will receive a notification with associated information.
– You can call the emergency number from within the application, automatically sending your position to the center contacted to improve your location. Similarly, if you call directly to the emergency number from the marker device, it will send your position to make the call without having to enter the application.
– You can send pictures of the incident, as additional information.

112 Support Centers:

– Madrid Center 112
– Center 112 Castile and Leon
– Center 112 Balearic Islands
– 112 Centre of Catalonia
– Center 112 Cantabria
– Center 112 of Melilla

See more information and download apk file:


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