Video Conferencing – Talkin is an app to group video chat without login

Video Conferencing

Talkin is an app to group video chat without login

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A room in our product is the place on the app where people meet to talk. To create a room, just type a room name on our app and click create. Then share the name to the room and send it to your friends .
Everyone who same name will enter the room. When your friends have entered the room, it works pretty much like a physical room. All participants in a room can hear and see each other, and no one on the outside can hear and see them.
It is currently free app to be more than 4 participants in the room, as this will cause the application to crash because of the number of connections being handled by the browser. The main limiting factor is the bandwidth of the participants, as everything is streamed peer to peer. If you experience poor quality when talking to many people, you can try disabling your camera.

Detail information and download apk file for your android phone:


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