Wi-Fi Plus – Break the limits of systems to enhance the Internet speed greatly.

Wi-Fi Plus

Break the limits of systems to enhance the Internet speed greatly.

Wi-Fi Plus screenshot 0Wi-Fi Plus screenshot 1Wi-Fi Plus screenshot 2Wi-Fi Plus screenshot 3Wi-Fi Plus screenshot 4

WiFi Signal Enhance is a professional APP tool that enhances the signal of Wi-Fi network, releases memory, optimizes hardware and manages the Wi-Fi account. This software can enhance your WiFi signal to be up to 30% during application through the theories like unlock your cellphone device and automatically calibrate the wireless modules, which is your little helper while on business, travel and work.
Believing the choices of 200 million end-users, meanwhile, connecting our produced WiFi signal enhance will be much better~
Unique Functions
1. Enhance the signal of WiFi to upgrade the speed instantly;
2. Detect the safety of WiFi to connect the internet assuredly;
3.Upgrade the functions of hardwares to adjust the power stably.
[Kindly Reminder] The powerful magnetic wave of hot spot may impact your WiFi signal, you can free to contact wifikefu@syezon.com or our Customer Services QQ: 3238991774 for the feedback, appreciated for your concerns and trust as always! Business cooperation QQ: 2793087258

See detail information and download apk file for your android phone: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/communication


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